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How Much Does it Cost to Build a 3000 sq ft House in Texas?

Building a house is a dream for so many people, to construct it you must have to know complete guidelines about it. It is necessary to initiate construction after proper planning, estimation of cost, and the factors that can affect it. In this blog, you will get comprehensive directions to set up accommodation.

Average Cost to Construct a 3000 sq ft House in Texas

In recent years the cost of building a house has increased dramatically, if you plan to construct a house and sell it for a profit this is the right time to do so. The demand for the house will exceed the supply; therefore, a huge revenue can be earned by constructing a building or even it can be used for residential purposes. The cost to construct a house in Texas is flexible, it varies depending upon the various factors. 

The average cost to build a house is $235000 to $660,000 and to construct a 3000-square-foot, almost $280,000 to 320,000 are required.

Factors Affecting cost to build a 3000 sq ft house in texas

The Price is not fixed it depends upon various factors, which are continuously changing; here we will discuss the most common ones:

  1. Location

The first step in constructing a house is to buy the plot; the land costs almost half of the whole price of the building. It varies according to the location of the plot and the preference of the owner.

  1. Availability of the Products and Services

In distant areas, you have to bear transportation costs for bringing the products or laborers, but if the location is near the markets then less amount of money will be required.

  1. Market Condition

There is a very strong relationship between the construction industry and the economic condition of the country; if their political stability and the economy are continuously growing then it is a favorable time to initiate your construction.

  1. Tax Rate

The best thing about Texas is the tax rates are low over here, which makes it more commending to construct a 3000 sq ft house.

  1. Adding Luxuries to House

If you want a simple residential house, then the prices will be normal, but if you are adding the gym and cinema to it, then the cost will rise dramatically, so more materials and labor are required for it.

Cost Breakdown of 3000 sq ft House in Texas

  1. Plot

For the construction of the house, the land is the first thing required; there can be two types of costs:

  • Land Purchase Cost

The cost of land mainly depends upon the size and location of the plot; almost $7542 is required for buying per acre in Texas. Here you can check 1 Acre of Land Cost.

  • Preparation Cost

$1500 to $3000 are required to clear the land before construction, usually the plots require some work so that the land becomes leveled and smooth to hold the building.

  1. Material Cost

50% of the cost of the house belongs to the price of material; according to an estimation, $50 is required for the per square foot. The market price of the material has increased in recent years from about 5 to 10%

  1. Contractor

The charge of the contractor varies, depending upon the type and amount of work; usually, 10% to 20% of the cost of construction is given to the architect. Some of them are paid at the hourly rate and some are charged based on completion of the chunks of the project. The task of the contractor is to ensure the timely completion of every task and oversee the activities of the laborers or technicians.

  1. Electrical Cost

If you are using high-quality wires and the size of the house is also large, then more price will be charged. On average almost $3 to $6 are charged per square foot; and electricians are mostly charged on an hourly basis, usually 120$ per hour.

  1. Plumbing Cost

Plumbing includes sanitary materials such as wash basins, bathtubs, and other accessories of toilet. A plumber is required to fix all the stuff; $4.50 per sq ft is spent on installing it.

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Are there regional variations in construction costs within Texas?

Yes, regional variation plays an important role, as the cost of building a house in Texas changes accordingly, some factors constantly vary from region to region. Such as construction site, material, labor, price of plot, and legal requirements.

  • The cost and the availability of the material are not the same everywhere, in the regions in which cheap material is available the cost of construction is also less, as compared to the other regions. And if the material is freely available, then the cost will be less.
  • The prices of plots mainly depend upon the location, therefore if you are buying land from an expensive or high classed society then it will ultimately increase the cost of the overall construction of the house.

How long does it typically take to build a 3000 sq ft house in Texas?

There is not any fixed time for all the houses, it varies according to the type of house, the labor, and material availability, and such factors affect the time required for the whole project. The weather also plays a crucial role; because you can not build a house in stormy weather. Constructing a house from scratch will take more time because you have to get a building permit from the government; buying a plot is also a time-consuming task. Then the gray structure of the house is built which takes weeks, almost 6 months are required to construct the building.

Is it necessary to hire a general contractor for building a house in Texas?

The task of the contractor is to aid in constructing buildings, manage daily activities, and ensure the timely completion of the task. Hiring contractors increases the overall cost of building a 3000 sq ft house in Texas, but if you are not very skilled in managing labor or regulating or monitoring tasks of the technicians, then you may have to hire an assembler. Secondly, if you’re busy with another task and you are unable to look after the whole project then the contractor can play a very important role by managing the project.


For building a 3000 sq ft house in Texas you must be aware of the cost of products and services, regulations imposed by the government, and requirements of the state. Many people are now attracted to Texas, as compared to the other states because the property tax is low over here.

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