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Jerry Jones House: Location, Worth, and Rooms

Ever wondered what it’s like to live in a $250 million mansion? As the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones can give you a pretty good idea. His sprawling 109,000 square-foot house located in a ritzy suburb of Dallas is one of the largest single-family homes in the United States. Although, you may have caught a glimpse of the palatial estate on TV during one of the many media profiles of Jerry over the years. But pictures don’t do justice to the sheer scale and opulence of this place. With 8 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a tennis court, and a movie theatre, Jerry’s house has pretty much every amenity you could imagine. If you had his kind of money, this is exactly the kind of lavish palace you’d build for yourself. Want to take a peek inside? Let’s go exploring.

Specifications: Jerry Jones House


Bedrooms 6
Bathrooms 7
Square Feet 14,044 sqft
Price $31,246,600
Jerry Jones Address Preston Rd, Highland Park, TX 75205
Jerry Jones Net Worth $8.5 billion

The Location of Jerry Jones’ Massive House

The expansive mansion of Jerry Jones is situated in Highland Park, a posh Dallas neighborhood. His opulent 100,000 square-foot French castle residence, complete with a guest house, tennis court, and pool pavilion, is situated on more than ten acres of property.

Jones offers plenty of space for visitors with more than a dozen bedrooms and bathrooms. Thus, the opulent master suite has marble floors, a home gym, a fireplace, and a closet the size of a house. There’s a cinema theater, sports bar, wine cellar, and opulent ballroom for entertainment. The resort-style pool area outside has slides, a swim-up bar, and waterfalls.

Jones’ “Cowboy Shrine” has vintage Dallas Cowboys items for the die-hard sports enthusiast. His golf course, which encircles the estate, is regularly the site of fundraising competitions and events. In addition, the estate’s serpentine road stretches more than a mile, looping past stocked lakes and stone fountains en route to the mansion.

The opulent mansion, valued at more than $250 million, is a testament to Jones’ penchant for grandeur and his expensive preferences. Although some may find the extravagant extravagance overkill, Jones has undoubtedly constructed a virtual castle worthy of a king. Having the largest and the greatest has always been part of the goal for the longtime owner of “America’s Team”. His coveted mansion is the pinnacle of a life lavishly lived in the spotlight.

Evaluation and Appraisal of Jerry Jones’ Residence

Jerry Jones’ home is more than suitable for an NFL owner. His 25,000-square-foot mansion just outside of Dallas is valued at over $250 million, making it one of the most expensive homes in Texas.

The property sits on over 100 acres and includes an indoor football field, a movie theatre, and not one but two swimming pools, an indoor pool, and an outdoor pool complete with dual waterslides.

Luxury Accommodations

The home has 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, ensuring there’s plenty of space for family, friends, and any visiting football legends. So, the master suite alone is over 5,000 square feet, bigger than most average-sized homes.

An avid art collector, Jerry’s home doubles as a private gallery, housing works by famous artists like Rembrandt.

Entertainment Hub

In addition to the home theatre, Jerry had a full-scale replica of a Dallas Cowboys locker room built, complete with showers and a hot tub. For those looking to get in a quick workout, there’s also a weight room and cardio facility.

Needless to say, Jerry spares no expense when it comes to his creature comforts. His mega-mansion is an entertainment complex that just happens to have some bedrooms and bathrooms attached. For a man used to being in the spotlight, his home is a perfect escape and showcase of his lavish lifestyle.

Description of the Interior Rooms in Jerry Jones’ Mansion

Jerry Jones’ Dallas mansion is as lavish as you’d expect for an NFL team owner. So, let’s take a tour of some of the most opulent rooms in his palatial estate.


With a screen spanning over 30 feet, plush leather recliners, and a booming surround sound system, it rivals any commercial theatre. However, the decor follows an Art Deco theme with metallic accents and geometric patterns. There’s even a lobby and concession area so you can grab popcorn or candy before the show.


The Joneses have not one but two pools indoor pools and an outdoor pool with a grotto-style design including waterfalls and lush landscaping. However, the outdoor pool has a Tahiti-inspired vibe with tropical plants, palm trees, and an overwater cabana for lounging. 

Trophy Room

As owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones has amassed an impressive collection of sports memorabilia, awards, and hardware over the years. Although the dark wood-paneled walls give it a classic, old-world feel suited to showcase such storied artifacts from Cowboys history.


Fit for hosting extravagant parties and charity events, the kitchen in Jones’ mansion is industrial in scale. Outfitted with top-of-the-line appliances, miles of countertop space, and storage for catering-sized quantities of food. A butler’s pantry and a separate prep kitchen provide additional workspace away from the main action. Moreover, entertaining on a grand scale requires an equally grand kitchen, which the Joneses certainly have.

The opulence and grandeur in each room of Jerry Jones’ estate reflect a life lived largely and an enthusiasm for sharing memorable experiences with friends and community. His home is as much a testament to fellowship as it is to fortune.

Details on the Bathrooms and Washrooms in Jerry Jones’


Jerry Jones’ home is as lavish as you’d expect for an NFL team owner. His “modest” 30,000 square foot mansion includes no less than 9 bathrooms to cater to his guests’ needs.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is a sprawling 600 square feet alone, nearly as big as some studio apartments. So, it features marble floors and countertops, his and her vanities, a large jetted tub, a multi-head shower, and a water closet. 

Guest Bathrooms

Eight additional bathrooms are situated throughout the home to accommodate visitors. So, the “Western” bathroom has a rustic vibe with natural wood accents, leather, and cowboy-inspired artwork.

No matter which bathroom his guests may use, they’re sure to be impressed with the opulence and attention to detail. For Cowboys fans, a trip to the Jones estate would not be complete without peeking into these lavish lounges.

Jerry Jones believes that for ultimate comfort, a spacious home requires an abundance of well-appointed bathrooms. For entertaining on a grand scale, no amenity is too extravagant. Moreover, the bathrooms alone provide a glimpse into the lifestyle of one of the NFL’s most prominent owners and his dedication to creating an unparalleled fan experience.

Jerry Jones House: FAQs on the Cowboys Owner’s Extravagant Mansion

Although you’ve undoubtedly heard of Jerry Jones’ enormous property, how much do you know about the opulent home owned by the Dallas Cowboys owner? These are some of the most common inquiries about Jerry Jones’ home.

Where is Jerry Jones’ house located?

Jerry Jones resides in the upscale Dallas neighborhood of Highland Park, Texas. Thus, the 30,000-square-foot residence has a tennis court, a swimming pool, and a guest house on more than 10 acres.

How much is Jerry Jones’ house worth?

The estimated value of Jerry Jones’ home is more than $250 million. Nonetheless, because of its high demand and the growing cost of real estate in Highland Park, the property value keeps rising. Taking inflation into consideration, $250 million in 1995 would be around $165 million in modern currency.

How many rooms does Jerry Jones’ house have?

In addition to seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a home theater, a golf simulator, an indoor basketball court, and other lounge spaces, Jerry Jones’ opulent property has over twenty rooms. Thus, each room is as magnificent and sumptuous as befits a monarch or the owner of “America’s Team.” This opulent mansion was built and furnished without cutting any corners.

Has Jerry Jones’ house been featured on TV?

Indeed, several television programs have highlighted Jerry Jones’ lavish residence, including MTV Cribs and ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentaries “The Two Bills,” which centered on the friendship between Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells. Furthermore, the MTV Cribs segment in particular offered a peek into the absolute.

Between its astronomical worth and appearances on popular TV programs, Jerry Jones’ house has become in its way somewhat of an American landmark. As the longtime owner of one of the most valuable sports clubs in the world, Jones’ mansion is a real testament to his enormous success and riches.

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As the owner of the Dallas Cowboys and via his business endeavors, Jerry Jones has accumulated extraordinary wealth. Nonetheless, his over $250 million Dallas estate is a monument to extravagance and achievement. His house is a tangible example of the American dream, demonstrating that everything is achievable with enough luck and this nation. building your very own mansion in the middle of Texas.

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