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South Facing House Vastu Plan 3d

You’ve been house-looking for months and in the end located an area you love. The only capture is that it is facing south. While a south-going through home is taken into consideration inauspicious in line with Vastu Shastra, don’t lose wish but. With a few modifications, you can remodel your south-dealing domicile right into a Vastu-compliant haven.

The appropriate news is that with some making plans, you may conquer Vastu defects in a south-dealing with the house. The secret is to make first-rate use of the available space and undertake treatments to enhance electricity waft. In this manual, we’re going to speak about some pointers and tricks to make your south-facing house Vastu perfect. From front and kitchen placement to color schemes and lighting fixtures, we’ve included all elements of Vastu for a south-dealing house.

Follow those Vastu treatments and you may be enjoying your new south-facing domestic right away. While Vastu principles are age-old, adopting them in today’s times is more about harmonizing spaces to enhance wellbeing. So keep an open mind and make changes that resonate with your style. A home that feels good to you will always be naturally Vastu aligned.

Understanding South-Facing House Vastu

Having a house that faces south can provide both benefits and challenges. In Vastu, the south direction represents fire and warmth. A south-facing house allows for ample natural light which many find energizing. However, the intense heat and light can also make the space uncomfortable during the summer months.

To maximize the benefits of a south-facing home, there are a few Vastu tips to keep in mind.

Ensure the main entrance faces either east or west. A south-facing entrance allows too much heat and light to enter directly into the home. East or west-facing entrances are more balanced.

Leave the south-facing wall open and avoid having too many doors or windows. Having an open wall allows for light and warmth to filter in moderately. Too many openings can make the space overly bright and hot.

Choose light, heat-reflective paint colors for the south-facing wall. Colors like light yellow, peach, or orange help reflect warmth and prevent overheating. Dark colors will only absorb more heat.

Plant leafy trees outside the south-facing wall. Moreover, deciduous trees that provide shade in summer but drop their leaves in winter are ideal. The shade and greenery help create a buffer against harsh weather and also bring a natural, calming energy.

Keep the kitchen in the southeast corner. The warmth from the kitchen appliances will not overheat this area. However, avoid placing the kitchen on the direct south side.

Use heavy, insulating curtains. Invest in blackout curtains, thermal curtains, or dual-pane windows for the south-facing wall. Moreover, these help control light and temperature, keeping your space comfortable all year round.

By following these tips, you can create harmony in a south-facing home. Harness the positive solar energy by allowing balanced light and warmth. At the same time, take measures to prevent overheating so you enjoy a comfortable living environment. A home that follows the natural flow of energy will lead to better health, relationships, and prosperity for all those who live there.

South Facing House Vastu Plan 3d

Ideal Room Layouts for a South-Facing Home

For a South-facing home, ideal room layouts take advantage of the available sunlight while also providing shade when needed. So, the southern side of your home will get the most sun exposure, so plan your rooms accordingly.

Living and Family Rooms

Place living rooms, family rooms, and recreational spaces along the southern wall. Moreover, these rooms typically get the most use during the day, so the natural light will be appreciated. Make sure to include curtains or blinds to block the sunlight when needed.


The kitchen is another great option for the southern side of a home. Lots of windows will make the space bright and cheerful during the day. However, add a skylight for even more natural light. Be sure to factor in ventilation and cooling for the summer months.


While sunlight in the bedrooms is nice, the southern exposure may be too much for sleeping in. Place the bedrooms on the eastern or western sides instead, where they will still get plenty of natural light but be shaded during the middle of the day.

Home Office

A home office is ideal for the southern wall, especially if you work from home during the day. The natural light will keep your space bright without needing overhead lighting. Moreover, add blackout curtains for times when less light is preferred.


Bathrooms also work well along the southern wall. Natural light helps make the space feel open and airy. Add a skylight or clerestory windows up high for privacy while still allowing in light. Ventilation is important, so include an exhaust fan.

With some strategic planning, a south-facing home can take advantage of natural lighting and warmth. Moreover, place living spaces and work areas along the southern wall and balance the sunlight with curtains or blinds. Move bedrooms to the east or west side for a comfortable sleeping environment. By laying out your rooms properly, a south-facing house can feel open, bright, and well-ventilated.


Tips for Designing an Auspicious South-Facing House 

Plan in 3D

Designing an auspicious South-going-through house plan in 3-D requires consideration of some key Vastu standards. By following those guidelines, you could create a harmonious domestic that promotes health, happiness, and prosperity.

Focus on the Entrance

The foremost entrance of a south-facing home is very vital in Vastu. It ought to now not be obscured or blocked in any way. The front ought to face either east or west, no longer south. An east-facing front is good. So, the entryway ought to be spacious, nicely lit, and free from clutter.


For dwelling rooms, bedrooms, and examination spaces, the southwest nook is an excellent place. The kitchen is nicely situated in the southeast corner. Locate the pooja room or temple in the northeast corner. Moreover, bathrooms and storage regions are appropriate for the northwest corner. The center and south aspect of the house ought to be left open.

Include Natural Light

Maximize herbal light in the domestic via huge home windows and skylights, especially on the north aspect. Open ground plans additionally allow light to freely flow into. Make sure it no longer blocks natural mild assets with fixtures or walls. Exposure to herbal light has an advantageous effect on health, temper, and productivity.

Follow the Grid

When designing the floor plan in 3-D, use a rectangular grid as a manual. Rooms and sections that occupy the vital and northern elements of the grid are most auspicious. The top of rooms and sections should additionally comply with the grid pattern, with taller ceilings in the center and north, and decreased ceilings in the south aspect.

Balance the Elements

The five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space should be balanced in the home. Earth is represented by the building foundation, water by plumbing and drains, fire by the kitchen stove and electrical equipment, air by ventilation and wind chimes, and space by the open areas in the center and north. No one element should dominate the others.

By paying attention to these key factors, you can ensure your south-facing 3D house plan follows Vastu principles for an auspicious home. May peace and prosperity dwell within!



So you have a south-facing house and want to ensure the Vastu is aligned. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about south-facing house Vastu:

What are the main Vastu principles for a south-facing house?

The most important Vastu rules for a south-facing house are:

  • Have the main entrance on the north or east side. A south-facing entrance is not ideal according to Vastu.
  • The kitchen should be in the southeast corner. This is the Agni corner, associated with
  • the fire element, and suitable for kitchens.
  • Bedrooms can be in the southwest, west, or northwest. The southwest is associated with sleep and rest. 
  • The living room can be in the center or northeast of the house. The middle signifies harmony and togetherness.

What are the advantages of a south-facing house?

A south-going through residence has numerous benefits:

  • Maximum daylight. South-dealing with houses gets sufficient daylight during the day, especially within the wintry weather. This makes the residence vivid and hot.
  • Higher asset value. South-facing homes are taken into consideration as top class, so they frequently have a higher resale price.
  • Lower power payments. The extended sunlight approach decreases the usage of synthetic lights and heating, so power payments are normally lower.

What are the disadvantages of a south-facing house?

Some capability downsides of a south-facing residence:

  • Higher cooling costs. The extra sunlight in the summer season can make the residence hot, increasing the want for fans, coolers, and aircon.
  • Intense daylight. The harsh afternoon solar may also cause glare, warmness, and fading of surfaces or furnishings over the years. Using curtains, tinted windows, and mild-colored paint on outdoor partitions can help.
  • Difficulty slumbering. The vivid mild and warmth seeping into bedrooms can make it hard to sleep during the day or in the summertime without ok window coverings.

Following those Vastu tips on your south-going through home will help you maximize the benefits and limit any dangers. Let the mild shine in!

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As you can see, there are many components to recall while designing the format of a south dealing with domestic consistent with Vastu concepts. Don’t get overwhelmed – begin with the fundamentals like making sure the right orientation, symmetry, and alignment. Focus on maximizing natural mild and airflow at the same time as additionally imparting privateness. Keep rooms for distinctive functions on the ideal sides of the house. Pay attention to door and window placements. Choose colorations and substances that sell positivity and peace.

If you contain even a number of these tips, you will be well to your manner to developing a harmonious space where you and your loved ones will thrive. A south-facing home can be a blessing, not a curse when you follow the wisdom of Vastu design. Think of it as an opportunity to build an ideal balanced environment from the ground up. With an open and willing attitude, your south-facing house vastu plan 3D can blossom into your dream home.


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