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What is the most expensive part during the development of a house?

Building a house is no easy task. It requires a lot of time, resources, efforts and above all, a lot of money. It’s essential to budget the cost when building a house in texas. However, during the velopment’s budgeting, the most important question arises: what could be the most expensive part when building a house in texas? People use this question for benchmarking the budget. We’re here to help you, below is a complete guide on what is the most expensive part of building a house in texas.

Why do you ask the question of what is the most expensive part?

This question is usually used for setting a mind of what could be the most expensive thing during the construction of the house. Of course, it’s the max, so people will know this part will take the maximum cost and other parts will of course be cheaper. It gives an idea of the maximum budget it’ll consume during the development.

So what is the most expensive part of building a house?

Foundation is the most expensive part during the construction. It’s the base of the building, requires a lot of effort and resources, and so does the money as well. An average foundation for a 3,000 sq ft house will cost about $90,000 in the texas. It includes all the labour, concrete, stones, iron rods and piping. However, the pricing may differ according to your preferences, area and size of the house.

Other things that takes the most money, orderwise

Here are the other things that consumes a lot of money after the foundation, in order of higher to lower:


Framing of the house is another thing that takes the most money. It only applies if you’re building a prefabricated house, also known as a wooden house. If you’re building a concrete house, you might skip this part. Framing is commonly made from lumber wood, but requires a lot of effort, labour, time and skills, which costs money. The exact cost to tell here is almost impossible without knowing the size and specification of the house. However, we can give you the median. Also note that lumber wood is not a cheap or budget wood, it’s a rare type of wood and is highly robust and strong, making it ideal for the framing. 

The average cost of framing is about $14k-$22k


Roofs are also not a cheap option, especially in concrete houses. Roofs are made from structural iron which is highly expensive. Additionally, you need skilled labour who can structure the iron rods for the roof. The structured iron rods are placed on the designated roof height as per the map, supported by wooden logs. After that, concrete mixture is spilled all over the structure, making the structure rigid, strong and robust, forming a roof. This process requires a lot of money. The iron rods used in the roof aren’t cheap, they are specialised rods that are heated in a furnace, mixed with carbon that gives them durability, flexibility and tolerance, making them expensive. 

The average cost of roofing is about $6k-$16k


You’ll not live in the house without furniture, that’s common sense. If you already have furniture in your previous home, you may skip it. But for the sake of this article, we expect you don’t have any furniture and are planning to buy new furniture from scratch. THe furniture nowadays is expensive. The total cost largely depends on what type of furniture you choose, its type and so on. The more exclusive and good looking the future, the more expensive it’ll be. Usually, the metal ones are cheap and wooden furniture is always the most expensive ones. Because, the efforts and resources required to craft them cost money. Additionally, you can choose plywood furniture which looks like wood but is way too cheap to afford.

The average cost of furniture is about $4k-$7k


Sanitary is another important part of the house. Of course, you don’t want to live in a house made up of concrete, right? So, you need to be sanitary. Sanitary includes all the furniture and decoration items used in the bathroom. It includes a wash basin, WC, sink, and toothpaste holder. All the things are included in it that are used in the kitchen. The sanitary items are made up of clay materials, especially toilets. That’s not your toy clay, but industrial clay. It is heated in the furnace at about 1600 degree celsius multiple times, giving it that strongness. However, sink and taps can be made from metal for a cheaper choice.

The average cost of sanitary is about $3k-$5k


The cost to purchase windows for a house varies based on factors such as materials, size, style, and energy efficiency. On average, you can expect to spend between $300 to $1,200 per window. The material of the window frames influences the cost, with vinyl being more affordable, while wood and aluminium frames tend to be pricier. Larger or specialty window styles like bay or picture windows can drive up costs, as can opting for energy-efficient features like double glazing or low-E coatings. Installation costs, determined by complexity and location, are an additional factor. Overall, the total cost for windows largely depends on your preferences, needs, and the specific choices you make in terms of materials and design.

The average cost for windows is about $1k-$1.5k


The development of the house is not easy and too expensive. It’s essential to budget the house development. That is why for your ease, we’ve broken down the cost for you and above are the parts of the house that’ll take the most money and we’ve ordered them accordingly.

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